Solang Valley is host to multiple activities both during summer and winter.
It has a terrain suitable for various adventure activities and mountain sports.
This world class ropeway and ski centre truly defines excitement and indulgence.


The ropeway is the latest state of the art built by Poma of France, featuring 19 cabins with a seating capacity of 8 persons in each. It covers a distance of 1.3 km having a vertical rise of 500 meters and a top speed of 6 m/s. It is designed to carry 1200 passengers up the mountain in an hour.

It has attachments to facilitate skiers and their equipment and easily accommodates all adventure sports gear for summer sports like paragliders and mountain bikes.

Being the latest version of the gondola lifts it is inbuilt with multiple safety and security devices to ensure a smooth and secure travel.

It is further operated by trained professionals who are at the service of their guests with zeal.



Once Solang is covered in a blanket of thick snow, Solang valley turns into a skiers paradise. From the top station, there is a vertical drop of 500 meters to the base station. Pure ski excitement guaranteed, gliding down the mountain slope, skiing or boarding, through the white still landscape. Winter in Solang, with the white timeless landscape all around invites everyone to try the ski experience.

Day Ski Passes are available for unlimited snow fun. At the base station there is a button lift for the less experienced or students with a soft slope in the centre of the valley... Ski equipment is easy available in the area.

We at Ski Himalaya offer the best teaching facilities for novices and offer certified courses at our ski school. Our faculty are trained instructors in the field of skiing and mountaineering with vast experience. We offer group lessons for different skiing levels with a private teacher and offer tailor made packages for corporates and institutions.



Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the sky or wondered what it’s like to fly like a bird? Solang is the place...

There are no words to describe the experience of the soundless wing flying high through the sky...

If you are an experienced paraglider, Solang has a lot to offer. There are 2 jump stations, one on a lower and one on a higher level. For the higher one you take the gondola to the top station.

We offer tandem paragliding for the less experienced. We have well trained monitors and you will get the sensation of flying without needing any previous experience except for the challenge to jump of the hill! You will sit safely harnassed in front of your pilot with unobstructed view over the valley and mountains.

Paragliding is available in winter and summer season.



Riding a horseback dates back to the time immemorial. Once the most ancient mode of transport is now available only as a pleasure ride and Solang is one of the places to indulge in this experience.

Under guided protection, the horseride is safe, also for the smaller ones. There are several horseriding trails for longer or shorter trips. A favorite route is the mountain trail to the Shiva temple which is built up the hill, at the bottom of a large waterfall.



Famously known as sleds around the world, this is one machine to ride to make a statement in winter. Irrespective of how deep the snow is, one could float over snow crystals and effortlessly zip around the mountainside and experience the fresh mountain snow.

The only hazard snowmobiling has that it could hook you on and you would crave for more and more.

If you are an experienced snowmobiler Solang could be your playground. The machines are available at a nominal rent and you coud take a scenic tour along a groomed trail or just dash into the countryside with a guide.



Summer becomes fun in the valley on the quad. This experience cannot fail the young or the old, where trained drivers take you for a ride. Here you could also challenge yourself and test your driving skills where the quad owner would happily allow you to drive this mean machine.

Quad rides are available for single or multiple seats.



Adrenaline junkies will love zorbing which involves two people superman-diving into the ball, getting strapped in, face to face, and zorbing down hill. Watching the zorbonauts laugh and scream their way down the run where the sky and grass blend into one blur of exhilaration. Nothing can quite describe the sensation of hurtling down a hill in a ball, but that’s what makes zorbing so unique!

In Solang this is just one the many activities.



Spending a night in the wilderness under a tent at Solang is a bliss during summers. Our partner concern Explore Himalayas would be more than happy to pitch a tent for you with all basics and luxuries as you may desire where you could choose to snug like a bug in a soft cosy sleeping bag or sleep king size in a tent with queen size beds. Camping is available at different altitudes ranging from the base camp at 2400 m. to as high as 3600 m. Setting a camp in one of the lush green meadows all around the valley is an invograting experience and a way to rapid recharge.


There are various hiking trails and trekking routes in and around Solang to name a few famous ones:

Solang-Beas Kund, Solang-Patalsu, Solang-Kothi, Solang-Anjani Mahadev, Solang-Bhiraghu and many more...

The trails around offer breathtaking views where one could be lost amongst a crop of flowers and soak in rumbling brooks or get mystified in one of the many waterfalls. All this to feel like a wild mountain goat.

Although our carefully marked maps should be able to design your design your route plan however experienced mountain guides would take pleasure in giving you company if you so desired.